Types of Interviews

The more you know about the style of the interview, the better you can prepare.

The Telephone Interview

Generally, companies request an initial telephone interview before inviting you in for a face to face interview in order to get a more understanding of the type of applicant you are. One assistance of this is that you can have your notes out in front of you. You should do just as much plan as you would for a face to face interview, and get that your first impact is vital. Some people are better interviewing in person than on the phone, so make sure that you speak positively , at a good pace, and try to answer all the queries that are asked.

The Face-to-Face Interview

This can be an interview between you and one member of staff or even two members.

The Panel Interview

These interviews associate a number of people sitting as a panel with one as administrator. This type of interview is popular within the public sector.

The Group Interview

Several applicants are present at this type of interview. You will be asked to connect with each other by mostly a group discussion. You might even be given a task to do as a team, so make sure you speak up and give your conclusion.

The consecutive Interview

These are different interviews in turn with a different interviewer each time. Usually, each interviewer asks questions to test different sets of capabilities. However, if you are asked the same questions, just make sure you respond to each one as fully as the previous time.

The Lunch / Dinner Interview

This type of interview gives the employer a chance to assess your intelligence and interpersonal skills as well as your table behavior! So make sure you order carefully and make sure you don’t scatter your drink.

All these types of interviews can take on different question pattern, so once you’ve confirmed with your potential employer which type of interview you’ll be attending, get preparing!

Here’s a list of interview formats that you should prepare your answers for;

Aptitude-Based Interviews

These are analytical to reflect the capability the employer is seeking for a particular job.

Formal / Informal Interviews

Some interviews may be very formal, others may be very informal and seem like just a chat about your interests. However, it is important to remember that you are still being assessed, and topics should be friendly and clean!

Portfolio Based Interviews

In the design / digital or communications industry it is likely that you will be asked to take your portfolio along or show it online. Make sure all your work is up to date without too little or too much. Make sure that your images if in print are big enough for the interviewer to see properly, and always test your online portfolio on all Internet browsers before turning up.

The Second Interview

You’ve passed the first interview and you’ve had the call to arrange the second. Congratulations! But what else is there to prepare for? You did as much as you could for the first interview! Now is the time to look back and review. You may be asked the same questions you were asked before, so review them and brush up your answers. Review your research about the company; take a look at the ‘About Us’ section on their website, get to know their client base, search the latest news on the company and find out what the company is talking about.